Welcome to The Synthetic Dream Foundation's Website

The synthetic dream foundation coallesced as an experimental music band during the harsh, freezing seasons of late 2005. Though in that short time frame has gardened a pallete of sound which is comparable to the glittering of phosphorescent life on the bottom of a cold, blackened sea. From harsh, brooding, mechanical beats to dreamy, neo-classical mirages, and dark ambient masterworks which shift through and absorb cold, alien landscapes. TSDF is not limited by genre, but instead compelled by the infinite possibilities that electronic advancements bestow upon the musical and artistic forms.

I have been involved with just about every aspect of art since a very young age. Though none has held as crippling an addiction as music has. This is an oddity in itself to a degree, as no one else in my family is involved w/ any of the arts. I fully introduced myself to these fantasy excursions on my own, so I generally consider myself a self taught musician and artist, though I did begin receiving professional lessons at the high school/college level. I just recently graduated from college with a B.A. in music composition and a B.A. in Psychology.

My main instrument is the piano, though I play a great many more. I am very interested in blending older traditions of art and music with the technological tools of the modern world. I am particularly interested in timbre at the moment and love exploring sound synthesis/design. TSDF started out as a solo music project of mine, but in the last several year I have begun collaborating with many singers and I believe I will continue to work in this manner for atleast the immediate future. If you are a vocalist (particularly classically trained vocalists) please get in contact with me about sending a demo of your work to my studio, if you would like to be considered for future compositions. I am also currently considering collaboratiions with instrumentalists who play western orchestral wind or string instruments and people who play eastern wind or string instruments.